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Do you know about various risk factors contributing to urinary incontinence?

The urinary incontinence leads to the loss of bladder control and is an embarrassing but quite a common problem. The condition can be quite severe and can cause leakage of urine occasionally when you sneeze, or cough and the urge are so strong and sudden that you cannot even look for the toilet on time.

Age is an essential factor for urine incontinence as people get older; they are more prone to the consequences of urine incontinence. The circumstances can affect your routine activities, so don't hesitate to see a best urology doctor in Lucknow once you see the symptoms.

The urine incontinence can be avoided and reduced by lessening the various risk factors. If you are aware of these factors, people suffering from them can improve their symptoms by just being aware of the respective risk factors.

Here are the few risk factors linked with the urinary incontinence mentioned below:

  • Caffeine consumption: The consumption of caffeine regularly can enhance the risk of incontinence. It is often said that people drinking caffeine for about two cups of coffee daily are likely to suffer from urinary incontinence then with the person of the same age who does not possess the same habits. Caffeine is known to be a natural diuretic which causes the risk of leaking and accidents. The urinary incontinence treatment in Lucknow will let you know the healthy foods to be consumed to minimize the chances of urinary incontinence.
  • Obesity: If a person is overweight, the pressure in the bladder and its surrounding muscles are found to be enhanced. This increases stress, which pertains that if you sneeze, laughs or coughs leak happens. Extra weight can also weaken your muscles. Once you keep your weight under control, the chances are higher that symptoms can improve.
  • Smoking: The urinary incontinence pursues another risk for health known as smoking. The smokers develop a chronic cough and can result in weakening of pelvic muscles resulting in stress incontinence. The urinary sphincter poses stress through persistent coughing being the only part, and excessive smoking can cause an individual's bladder to be overactive.

Above risk factors can be put under control, but few risk factors are considered as outside your control. Below are the few risk factors that are outside the control of individuals:

  • Gender: Due to anatomy for women, they pose an increased risk and damage while giving birth. The menopause is another symptom of urinary incontinence which occurs due to hormonal changes at a specific age. Men, if faced any issue with any prostate gland problems, can be confronted to high risk. There are many expert for treatment for urinary incontinence in Lucknow that can be reached for the advice.
  • Diseases: The diseases or conditions like diabetes leading to increase the risk for urinary incontinence. The kidney diseases are also found to have some linkage with them.
  • Age: The older people are found to face substantial risk because of muscles of urethra and bladder due to age issues. The incontinence is not considered as a part of aging and is quite common in older people. The kegel exercise performed regularly can reduce the risk of urine continence.

Many risk factors are considered the leading cause of urinary incontinence but if you practice kegel exercise and a healthy lifestyle for strengthening pelvic muscles and avoid consuming foods like caffeine and habit like smoking with definitely improve the chances for not dealing with any leaks.

If in any case, you are suffering from leaks and challenges associated with the urinary incontinence try using various absorbent products that are specifically designed for incontinence and can rightly fit your needs. The Urologist in Lucknow are best in letting you know the treatment as per your requirement. The incontinence desired a few steps to be taken today, and the above risk should be minimized to deal with the same later.