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Dietary prevention for kidney stones

Has your body too developed tendency for stones formation? Remember it is hard to stop the stone formation in your body, but it is not impossible. All you need is to follow some dietary prevention along with opting for the best urology treatment in Lucknow to have a healthy kidney ever after.

Increase your fluid intake

High fluid intake is what a patient having an issue of stone formation should emphasize on. It dilutes the urine and prevents concentration of chemical constituents of stones present in urine (e.g. oxalate, phosphate, calcium, uric acid). High urination decreases the possibilities of accumulation of urine components in the kidney. For an adult, the average urine output is 1.2 litres a day. However, to stop stone formation the average urine output ranges from 2.0 to 2.5 Litres a day. To increase the urine output, higher intake of fluid is advised.

We suggest those with kidney stone problem to increase their liquid to increase a urine output to 2.5 – 3.0 Litre per day. Water is the best and most preferred liquid, however you may also take natural lemonade and fresh orange juice without added sugar in moderation. Drinks like colas, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages also add up to fluid intake, however, excessive intake of these fluids is counter productive. For more and precise information, consult the best urology doctor in Lucknow.

Citrus fruit juices

Citrus juices like orange and lemon juices inhibit the formation of calcium based stone in the kidney. Citrate present in citrus juices restricts the calciumto mix with phosphate and oxalate, thereby restricting the formation of stones. Orange juice and lemon juice enhances the urinary citrate level and reduces urinary calcium levels which in turns reduces stone making tendency of the body. Grapefruit juice is another good option to minimise the possibility of stones formation in the body. Ask your kidney specialist in Lucknow for more alternatives. They may recommend you citrate-based syrup which is equally effective.


You are at the risk of stones, if your diet involves high sodium intake. As elevated intake of sodium increases the calcium level and decreases citrate level in urine, which results in high possibilities of stones. As per the experts, fast-foods contain excessive salt, thereby increasing chances of stone formation. Choose low sodium options whenever possible. Apart from keeping these points in mind, you also need to consult the best urology doctor in Lucknow.

Animal Protein

Decrease intake of animal protein, if you are at risk of stones. Animal protein increases uric acid, oxalate, sulphate and calcium percentage in urine. Animal protein involves all types of meat such as poultry, seafood, beef and pork. However, Protein from plant sources is much less responsible for stones formation in human body. Reduce animal protein intake and emphasize more on fruits and vegetables. For more detailed instructions, consult kidney specialists in Lucknow to safeguard your kidney from stone formation.


According to best urology doctors in Lucknow, oxalate plays the key role in the formation of stones;but as per research, reduction in the intake of oxalate has not actually benefitted the patient immensely. The reason is that most of the oxalate in urine comes from metabolism happening in the body rather than diet itself. Neverthess, it is helpful to keep intake of vegetables with high component of oxalate to a moderate level. Oxalate rich food like black tea, mustard greens, Spinach, Beets, Chard, and Rhubarb, Berries, Chocolate, okra, sweet potatoes and Nuts intake should be minimized, not completely banned.


We advise that stone formers should make sure to have a moderate calcium intake, preferably from dietary sources. Restriction as well as excessive intake are associated with escalated chances of kidney stone formation. Take calcium containing items (mainly mild products) along with major meals for the best benefit. Calcium procured from dietary sources is a better pick than calcium obtained from supplements. Supplements may actually increase the risk of stones, so we advise you to take dietary calcium as it is must for body in a moderate quantity.

If you still have developed stones, despite the above instructions, we suggest you to contact, highly acknowledged Dr Mayank Mohan Agarwal, Kidney specialist in Lucknow known to give world class and best urology treatment in Lucknow.