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What is Laparoscopy?

Conventional open surgery entails cutting open the body at the required place (cut size varying from 3 – 30cm) and doing surgery under direct vision. In contrast as stated by Best urology doctors in Lucknow laparoscopy / keyhole surgery is a method of performing abdominal surgery in which few puncture holes are made at designated places in abdomen and procedure performed using fine instruments (diameter 5mm) under magnified view of HD telescope.




Advantages of laparoscopy –

  • Less pain – Since cuts are small and handling of body tissues is minimized, pain after surgery is less compared to corresponding open surgery. Use of heavy pain-killers and narcotic pain killers (e.g. opioids) is quite less.
  • Less bleeding – The operation by Laparoscopic surgery doctors in Lucknow operates gas pressure and tissues to be handled using very fine instruments under magnified vision. This leads to less blood loss and less chances of blood transfusion. In cancer surgery, blood loss is a third or even less in the laparoscopic approach.
  • Early return of bodily function – laparoscopic operation by Urology treatment in Lucknow puts significant less exertion on body compared to open surgery. Therefore, common bodily functions like bowel movements, ability to walk return early.
  • Early discharge from hospital - all the above three factors result in early discharge from hospital.
  • Less infection and hernia – small wounds and minimal handling leads to better healing significantly reducing the chances of wound complications like infection and hernia formation.
  • Early healing – in laparoscopy the wounds are typically like small puncture wounds compared to one large wound in open surgery with extensive stitching of muscles, fasciae and skin. Therefore, complete healing takes only very few weeks in former compared to several months in the latter as prescribed by Best Laparoscopic surgeon in Lucknow. This enables a person to return to completely normal life much faster.
  • Cosmetically appealing - with small scars, hidden scars (e.g. in navel, below bikini line), one doesn’t have to carry large visible scars.

Having discussed that, one must understand that in addition to technology, an experienced team of experts of Laparoscopic surgery doctors in Lucknow doing these types of surgeries are imperative to have these advantages of laparoscopic surgery compared to open surgery.

Moreover, one must understand that laparoscopy is not a no-complication surgery. No Laparoscopic surgeon in Lucknow would want to cause harm to his / her patient and safety is of utmost priority. Unwanted side effects may happen with any approach to surgery whether open or laparoscopic. Furthermore, certain complications are inherent to surgical procedure rather than the approach to surgery; e.g. pneumonia, clotting of blood in the legs, heart dysfunction, delayed bowel movement, vascular bleeding etc.