Urethral Pressure Profilometry

The maintenance of urinary continence is dependent upon the pressure at some point in the urethra exceeding the intravesical pressure at all times, even under stress . The difference between the intravesical pressure and urethral pressure is called as the urethral closure pressure. Attempts to quanitify this have led to the development and widespread use of urethral pressure profilometry (UPP).

Both catheters are used on sedated female minipigs. Data from the microtip catheter can be processed through a signal reconstruction algorithm, plotted and compared against data from the air-charged catheter.

The ability of air-charged catheters to measure pressure circumferentially is widely considered as a main advantage over microtip catheters. However, directional pressure readings can give additional information on angular fluctuations in the urethral pressure distribution. It is shown that the novel microtip catheter in combination with a signal reconstruction algorithm delivers plausible data. It gives the opportunity to evaluate urethral structures, especially the sphincter, in context of the correct location within the anatomical location of the pelvic floor.