Laparoscopic Surgeon in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

This is an operation that is carried out by using key hole surgery under general anaesthesia to correct prolapse of the vaginal vault. This condition is referred to slipping down of the top of the front passage in patients who had a hysterectomy, removal of the womb. Usually, there is associated prolapse of the front and back walls of the vagina, which is dealt at the same time. The condition may cause sense of bulge, discomfort, urinary and bowel problems and sexual difficulties.

Why I need a laparoscopic sacrocolopexy?

The operation is intended to support the vaginal vault and correct that is associated with vaginal prolapse. Hopefully this will improve urinary, bowel and/or sexual problems. This can be achieved by attaching the vaginal vault to the top of the lower back bone (sacrum).

What does the operation involve?

The operation is performed through a key-hole approach. A small cut (1 cm) is made in the umbilicus (belly button), to introduce the laparoscope (tummy camera). If you had any previous operation(s), this incision may be made below the left side of the chest wall. Another small incision (1 cm) is made in the hair line at the bikini line. Two additional small incisions (1/2 cm) are made, one on either side of your tummy. These cuts enable introducing instruments to perform the operation. Through these cuts, the vaginal vault is located and lifted up by attaching it to the top of the lower back bone (sacrum). The attachment is created using synthetic material (mesh). This mesh is extended to the front and back to support the vagina. This mesh is like a net with holes in it, through which your body will grow fibrous tissue. This will get the mesh to be integrated into your own tissues, to support the vagina. At the end of the operation, all instruments are taken out and all wounds are closed.