ileal conduit

An ileal conduit is a small urine reservoir which is surgically created from a small segment of bowel.

The bladder creates a reservoir for the liquid wastes that is created by the kidneys as a result of the ability of these organs to filter and retain glucose, salts, and minerals that the body requires. When the bladder has to be removed; or becomes diseased, injured, obstructed, or develops leak points; the release of urinary wastes from the kidneys becomes impaired, endangering the kidneys with an overburden of poisons.

Ileal conduit surgery will be recommended depending on what conditions are being treated; whether the urinary diversion is immediately necessary; for the relief of pain or discomfort; or for relatively healthy individuals or individuals with terminal illness.

Three major decisions that must be made by the physician and patient include:

  • The type of surgery in order to restore bladder function: either by sending urine through the ureters to a new repository fashioned in the rectum, or by creating a conduit for the removal of the urine out through the stomach wall and into a permanent storage pouch, or ostomy outside the body.
  • The type of material out of which to fashion the reservoir or conduit.
  • Where to place the stoma outlet for patient use.

Surgery can be performed by a urological surgeon who specializes in urinary diversion. It is performed in a general hospital.